Bench-top Microscopes

  1. VIAVI Bench-top

    VIAVI's FV-series fibre microscope is used to inspect the polished surface or cleaved ends of fibre optic connectors. The FV-series comes in both analogue and digital versions. This high-resolution bench-top inspection microscope is ideally suited for post-polish inspection of high-quality end faces and can repeatedly detect scratches that may be missed by human technicians, delivering the level of sensitivity long sought in the industry. 

    These bench-top microscopes can be supplied on their own, or, as Tech Optics advises, with FiberChek2 software bundled in. By using FiberChek2 you can determine the acceptability of optical fibre end faces through automated inspection and analysis.


    • Inspect and analyse patchcords and jumper cables in manufacturing and quality assurance environments
    • Automatically capture and analyse fibre end face images, and obtain a PASS/FAIL result according to preconfigured criteria
    • Standardize fibre inspection and analysis process


    • Determines acceptability of fibre end faces by utilising an advanced automated inspection and analysis software
    • Ensures consistent results by removing human subjectivity from fibre inspection and grading
    • Identifies and characterizes each defect and contamination particle, and determines their location relative to the fibre core
    • Archives results and images as HTML or PDF formats and generates integrated reports
    • Plugs directly into PC/laptop via USB 2.0 connection
    • Produces clear detailed view of fibre end face conditions with high-resolution camera and coaxial illumination