The 3M863XW provides the final step in a complete line of 3M polishing products.

  • Made from precisely graded particles,
  • Precision coated on a high strength polyester film backing,
  • Meets Telcordia Standards GR-326
  • Provides back reflection of <-55dB (Ultra PC Polish)
  • Has a high first pass yield, minimising re-work.
  • Eliminates slurries and messy clean up,
  • Provides consistent results and improved throughput,
  • Reduced cost of equipment maintenance,
  • Available in discs, sheets and rolls,
  • Has a high mineral content making it more aggressive for faster polishing,
  • Designed for use on machines that run at lower speeds and lower pressures,
  • Compatible with IPC (Individual Pressure Control) fixtures allowing connectors to float independently with lower machine pressure,