Tech Optics now offers an increased range of high quality, rugged expanded beam connectors and assemblies including:- 

  • Qualified M83526/20 and /21 connectors (2 and 4 way)
  • New 8 and 12 way planforms in the M83526 shell size (compatible and intermateable with standard connectors)
  • Mini-expanded beam connectors (compatible with the TE Pro-Beam Mini and Telecast MX connector range)
  • Windowed expanded beam connectors up to 24 channels

In addition to the TACBeam range of M83526/20 and /21 qualified connectors higher channel counts in the same planform are available. Eight and twelve channel connectors which are intermateable and interchangeable with the standard two and four channel planforms can be provided where higher channel count interconnects are required.

Tech Optics also supplies mini-expanded beam connectors in two and four channel variants which are compatible with the TE Pro-Beam Mini offering a smaller footprint for rugged interconnection.

Windowed expanded beam connectors offering increased ruggedisation and simpler field cleaning are offered in both multimode and singlemode variants up to 24 channels.


To discuss your interconnection requirements please contact our expert team on or +44(0)1732 770 466.