Light Sources

  1. AF-OS430 LASER Source

    The AF-OS430 laser source is a cost-effective, rugged, handheld instrument designed for performing insertion loss measurements on single-mode fiber optic links. The AF-OS430 output is stabilized to ensure accurate test results per current TIA/EIA requirements.

    This easy to operate unit features a two slide switch front panel. A 3 position slide switch, 1310nm - OFF - 1550nm and a 2 position slide switch CW - 2Khz. It also features a low battery indicator LED.

    The AF-OS430 comes in three different version outputs which are factory fixed - ST/FC or SC's.


    • Single Mode
    • 1310nm & 1550nm Lasers
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Side Adjustment Pots for both Lasers
    • CW and 2Khz Option
    • Compact and Rugged Case
    • Protective Rubber Boot

  2. AF-OS420 LED Source

    The AF-OS420 is a rugged, low cost LED light source optimized for testing 50 and 62.5 micron multimode applications. It has two LED outputs, a 850nm fixed ST active device mount and a 1300nm fixed ST active device mount for testing insertion loss in a multimode fiber applications. This dual port unit can be used to test Gigabit Ethernet and other multimode LAN systems.

    This easy to operate unit features a 3 position slide switch, 850nm - OFF - 1300nm and a low battery indicator.


    • Multimode
    • 850nm & 1300nm LED
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Side Adjustment Pots for both LED's
    • Compact and Rugged Case
    • Protective Rubber Boot

  3. OP250 Stabilized Light Source

    The OP250 is a configurable stabilized light source available with a variety of LASERs or LEDs. Offered in a single or dual port configuration with selectable wavelengths, various power levels and industry standard optical interfaces. This instrument offers all the features and functions necessary for the development, testing and inspecting of optical components and cables. The stand-alone, internally powered module also connects to a USB port on any computer.

    OptoTest offers drivers and applications which allow the user to perform common measurement tasks as well as data logging or time-stamped stability measurements. OPL-2 allows the user to adjust output power from 0 to 100%.

    • Source stability of 0.02dB per hour (per 1ºC variation)*
    • Wide variety of source wavelength options, including 635nm, 850nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm among many others
    • Various types of sources including LEDs, Fabry-Perot LASERs, and VCSELs
    • Customizable fibre type such as 9/125μm, 50/125μm, 62.5/125μm, 105/125μm, 100/140μm, and POF
    • Many common source connector outputs such as FC, SC, and ST
    • Single or dual port configuration
    • Remote control of output power via USB
    • Integrated temperature monitoring
    • Internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

    * Standard wavelengths Single Mode: 1310/1550nm; Multimode: 850/1300nm


  4. OP715 Benchtop Stabilized Light Source

    The OptoTest OP715 Benchtop LED/LASER Source can be configured up to 4 channels with a mix of LEDs and/or LASERs. Ideal as a compact, stand-alone source or used in conjunction with an optical power meter to measure insertion loss. Factory configurable wavelength mix including LED and LASER.

    Single/Dual Channel LED Source

    The LED Source offers controlled launch conditions to meet specific CPR (Coupled Power Ratio) and the more detailed IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) requirements. Offered standard with 62.5μm fibre and 850nm or 1300nm LEDs, it can also be configured with other fibre sizes and industry-available wavelengths to meet unique applications.

    • Factory configurable wavelength mix
    • Adjustable power level from 0% to 100% either through the front panel or USB port
    • Controlled launch condition, customer specified
    • Dual wavelength operation with internal WDM
    • Support of most common connector options (FC, ST, SC, LC, etc…)

    Single/Dual Channel LASER Source

    The stabilized LASER Source offers Fabry Perot (FP) or distributed feedback (DFB) LASERs for standard wavelengths such as 635nm, 850nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, and 1625nm. Sources may be combined internally into a single output port.

    • Adjustable power level up to +13dBm, depending on the LASER, either through the front panel or USB port
    • Support of most common connector options (FC, ST, SC, LC, etc…)
    • Supports Thermally Electric Cooled LASERs


  5. OP750 Multichannel Source

    The OP750 multichannel source can be configured with a mix of up to 24 individual or switched LED or LASER sources. Single wavelength LED source, available in 850nm or 1300nm, features an internal large core fibre to guarantee an overfill condition for 62.5/125µm or 50/125µm multimode fibre. The single wavelength sources at 1310nm and 1550nm are terminated with standard 9/125µm fibre. A dual wavelength option, such as 1310nm and 1550nm, into a single port is available as well (12 channel version only). To create dual wavelength operation on any channel, an optical switch can be included in the configuration, and represent a great cost savings.

    Multichannel LED Source

    • Up to 24 LED sources in one rack
    • Factory configurable wavelength mix, including 650nm, 850nm, and 1300nm
    • Adjustable power level from 0% to 100% either through front panel or USB port
    • Controlled launch condition, customer specific, Encircled Flux (EF) available
    • Dual wavelength operation with optional internal 1xN precision optical switch
    • Support of most common connector options (FC/PC, ST/PC, SC/PC, etc)

    Multichannel LASER Source

    • Up to 24 LASER sources in a single rack or up to 12 dual wavelength (1310/1550) sources
    • Factory configurable wavelength mix, including 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm, and 850nm VCSEL
    • Adjustable power level up to 10dBm (depending on LASER) either through front panel or USB port
    • Cost effective solution with optional, highly repeatable built-in optical switch
    • Support of most common connector options (FC, ST, SC, LC, etc…)


  6. OLS-85 / 85P Optical Light Source

    The OLS-85 handheld light source is a professional, versatile, and compact instrument used for fibre-optic network qualification and certification. Its specific wavelength combinations make it optimal for general link loss testing and long-haul, metro, and access telecommunication network characterization, as well as data center and local area network testing.


    • Complete jobs faster, correctly, and on time—right the first time
    • Automated pass/fail fibre inspection analysis with the optional P5000i microscope
    • Compact, rugged, weather-proof design


    • Measurement of fibre insertion loss together with a VIAVI optical power meter OLP-3x or OLP-8x
    • Inspection of optical connectors (inspect before you connect)
    • In-service loss test option

    Key Features

    • Battery-operated field-portable optical light sources in different versions with multiomode and singlemode wavelengths
    • Interchangeable optical adapters (Senko) for FC, SC, ST and LC optical connectors
    • 3.5-in color touch screen with integrated stylus
    • Individual threshold settings pass/fail analysis
    • On-board fibre inspection and test results storage with time stamp
    • Data transfer and remote control via USB or Ethernet interface
    • Auto-lambda and multi-lambda test functions in combination with VIAVI optical power meters