Inspection probes

  1. NEW
    FiberChek™ Probe Microscope

    FiberChek™ Probe Microscope

    The essential fiber tool for every technician!

    The FiberChek probe builds on industry-leading Viavi expertise in fiber inspection to deliver an all-in-one handheld for technicians at every skill level. Meeting all fiberinspection needs with built-in image viewing, auto-focus, pass/fail analysis, and result storage and recall, the FiberChek probe completely automates inspection workflows to ensure fast and accurate performance. Used alone or connected to other devices (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB), the FiberChek probe is the essential fiber tool for every technician.

    Fully Autonomous Inspection with an All-in-One Solution

    With FiberChek, technicians get a complete fiber-inspection solution in the palm of their hand. There is no need to connect to other devices to inspect, test, or store. All of those capabilities, and more, are already built into the FiberChek probe.

    • An integrated touch-screen display shows live images and analysis results with easy navigation
    • With automated end-face analysis built-in, FiberChek lets technicians test and certify to industry standards at the push of a button
    • Easily navigate and select your desired acceptance criteria including IEC-61300-3-35 standards or customer-specific requirements
    • Store, name, and recall test results directly on the instrument


    • Achieve fully autonomous inspection with an all-in-one solution
    • Automate inspection workflows
    • Ensure accurate and fast test performance
    • Easily access connections anywhere
    • Connect with other Viavi instruments and mobile devices


    • Integrated touch screen with live fiber viewing
    • Auto-center
    • Auto-focus
    • Built-in fiber end-face analysis
    • User-selectable acceptance profiles
    • Stores results on device or exports
    • Connects via Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB



    • FIT-FC-KIT1 - FiberChek probe, case, FBPT-U25M, tip case
    • FIT-FC-KIT2 - Kit: FiberChek probe, case, FBPT-LC, FBPT-SC, FBPT-U12M, FBPT-U25M, tip case
    • FIT-FC-KIT3 - Kit: FiberChek probe, case, FBPT-LC, FBPT-SC, FBPT-SC-APC, FBPT-U12M, FBPT-U25M, FBPT-U25MA, tip case
    • FBPP-SCASE3 - FiberChek case
    • FBPP-DPAC7 - Rugged MicroUSB cable
    • FBPP-DPAC8 - OTG cable
    • FCPP-CHP1 - FiberChek holster

  2. VIAVI P5000i

    The P5000i makes it fast and easy to test and inspect fibre optic end faces. This intelligent fibre microscope removes the subjectivity from fibre inspection and provides reliable and objective PASS/FAIL fibre analysis and reporting.

    The P5000i can be used with a laptop / PC and with many widely deployed VIAVI test platforms including the T-BERD®/MTS 2000/4000/6000, HST-3000, OLP-82/82P, OLP-87/87P or MAP-200 via USB without the need for any additional adapters.


    • Repeatable Pass/Fail analysis eliminates subjective guesswork from the measurement process
    • User-selectable/definable acceptance profiles allow certification to any acceptance criteria
    • Includes FiberChekPRO™ software for analysis and reporting and recording with PC/laptop
    • Automatic Image Centring ensures the fibre in always on the centre of the screen
    • Dual-Magnification switching allows easy toggling between low & high both live and analysis views


    • Inspect and certify fibre end face quality at the push of a button, making your technicians instant fibre experts
    • Use this intelligent fibre microscope to certify fibre performance and deliver the results to existing VIAVI test platforms
    • Eliminate operator subjectivity with fast, easy, and objective testing
    • Enable your technicians to get it right the first time; adopt best practices, improve quality, and optimize their workflow
    • Ensure physical layer performance by guaranteeing fibre connectivity meets industry standards
    • Instantly capture, analyse, and grade fibre end face images and obtain a PASS/FAIL result according to pre-configured criteria
    • Standardise fibre inspection, analysis, and reporting processes throughout fibre network


  3. Inspection Kits

    Tech Optics offers both basic and professional kits integrating either the OLP-82 or OLP-82P (the P designating an integrated patch cord microscope), within a series of easy to use and convenient kits. The kits can be used everywhere today’s fibre technicians go, up poles or down holes, helping implement today’s best practices and increasing efficiency and reliability. Technicians get ultimate flexibility and performance from this powerful, easy-to-use solution that can help any technician become an instant fibre expert.







    Digital Visual Display Unit (DVDU) Y Y
    FiberChekPRO software installation disk Y Y
    USB cable USB-A to micro-USB Y Y
    QuickStart manual and safety instructions Y Y
    Power supply for SmartClass Fibre (12 V) Y Y
    Dry batteries (8x)  Y -
    Rechargeable battery for SmartClass Fibre (Li ion) - Y
    P5000i Digital Inspection Microscope Y Y
    Inspection tips and adapters (bulkhead: SC and LC, patch cord: 2.5 and 1.25 mm) Y Y
    1.25mm OPM Adapter Y Y
    Cleaning materials for 2.5 and 1.25 mm (bulkhead and patch cord) - Y
    Hands-free carrier for SmartClass Fibre - Y
    FFL-050 Visual Fault Locator with 2.5 and 1.25 mm adapter - Y
    Soft bag for SmartClass Fibre and accessories Y Y

  4. FiberChek Sidewinder

    The FiberChek Sidewinder is the industry’s first “all-in-one” handheld inspection and analysis microscope for multi-fibre connectors such as MPO and MTP. The latest addition to VIAVI’s award-winning FiberChek family delivers a completely automated solution to inspect and analyse every fibre of an MPO / MTP connector with industry-leading reliability and speed.

    Key Benefits

    • Fully autonomous multi-fibre inspection
    • Fast and accurate test results
    • Easy access to connectors
    • Test to industry standards or customer requirements

    Key Features

    • Integrated touch screen
    • Live fibre viewing
    • Auto centre
    • Auto focus
    • Auto pan / scroll
    • Built in fibre end face analysis
    • Stores results for export
    • WiFi and USB connectivity
    • Built in and customisable acceptance criteria

    Call Tech Optics to discuss your requirements or arrange a demonstration.